The Prefurred Difference

What sets us apart from other pet care providers?

  • Customized IN-HOME pet care
    • We provide services to your pets in your home on your schedule. When you are gone, your pets miss you! It helps them be more comfortable to maintain continuity of routine in a familiar space during your absence.
    • This is especially beneficial in many cases, including:
      • pets who are younger or older or otherwise immunocompromised who need limited exposure to potential illnesses from other pets (which are most contagious before symptoms appear, making it nearly impossible for boarding facilities to fully contain their spread)
      • pets from difficult backgrounds who may have separation anxiety or abandonment issues from past trauma and can be triggered from a kennel environment
      • pets with specific training routines for whom disruption in the schedule can cause a setback in training proficiency
      • pets with illnesses who need increased supervision and management
  • Continuous and open communication with families
    • We provide text updates with photo/video at every visit so you can enjoy your time away knowing your pets are doing well at home.
    • We let you know and seek your input anytime there is something out of the ordinary so there are no surprises when you get back. 
  • Professional high-quality care
  • Flat rates