Part 4: Puppy Desensitization

Desensitization is related to socialization, but also a little bit different. We are using the term specifically to apply to body handling, but the process is similar to the processes used in socialization– basically taking something that can be uncomfortable for your pup and making it a positive experience for them so they don’t fearContinue reading “Part 4: Puppy Desensitization”

Part 3: Puppy Bite Inhibition

Oh, puppy biting… seriously how are those little teeth so razor sharp?! And they put EVERYTHING in their mouths! Bite inhibition is a fancy way of saying teaching your puppy what they can bite and how hard they can bite. It’s another very important skill to teach your puppy when they are young so youContinue reading “Part 3: Puppy Bite Inhibition”

Part 2: Puppy Socialization

Early and frequent socialization is one of the most crucial components for raising your puppy to be a balanced and well adjusted adult dog, and unfortunately is also one of the most overlooked. *Spoiler alert: the biggest mistake I made with my puppy was on socialization, and it affected him (and me!) deeply for theContinue reading “Part 2: Puppy Socialization”

Part 1: Puppy Potty Training

So you just brought home your brand new puppy! Congratulations!!! Our first post in our Puppy Series will address one of the first and most common concerns of puppy parents– potty training! How soon can you start? How long is reasonable for them to go between breaks? How do you reinforce good potty behavior (i.e.,Continue reading “Part 1: Puppy Potty Training”