About Us


Prefurred Pet Care Services was founded by Becki Davis, a native of Palmyra, PA and lifelong animal lover.

Becki is the proud pet mom to three rescue kitties currently: Lucy and Linus (adopted as kittens 11 years ago), and Betsey/Squirrel (a 3 year old foster fail she pulled from the shelter with her mom and siblings right before they were to be euthanized). She is the former pet mom of Manny, a 130 lb Rhodesian ridgeback she rescued off the streets; Othello, an 80 lb mastiff/lab mix adopted as a puppy she trained as a therapy dog; Satco, a 65 lb pit mix she rescued from the shelter with severe kennel aggression and separation anxiety; and many other cats rescued from various situations.

Before moving back to PA in 2015, Becki lived in Southern California, and worked extensively in animal rescue. She helped save, rehabilitate, and rehome dozens of animals from difficult backgrounds, including abused pit bulls, dogs who had been hit by cars, and unsocialized cats/kittens. As a result, she has a great deal of experience working with pets who have temperament and behavioral issues, as well as medical needs.

She started this business in response to the negative experiences she had leaving her pets to travel and a desire to bring a new, higher standard, as well as wrap around care and support, to families with pets. Becki strives to make your life with pets more harmonious for everyone in your family.