About Us

Prefurred Pet Care Services was founded by Becki Davis, a Central PA native and lifelong animal lover.

Becki is the proud pet mom to two dogs (Clementine, a pitbull, and Molly, an Irish-doodle) and two cats (Squirrel and Jimmy). She also independently rescues/rehomes pets.

In her past career, Becki was a master level Special Educator/Administrator with a specialty in behavior modification. This foundation of learning theory and operant conditioning fed naturally into her work with dogs when she became deeply involved in animal rescue work in 2013 while living in Southern California, and she began studying under the trainers who worked with their toughest dogs.

After moving back to PA in 2015, Becki started Prefurred as a dog walking and pet sitting business, which she grew into an award winning enterprise as she developed a reputation for handling tough cases. She started providing more and more behavioral support to families and realized her true passion for dog training, and now focuses on that exclusively.

Through years of hands on work with mentors, continued education through professional development with well renown trainers, extensive experience, as well as self study, she has developed a scientifically backed, relationship based approach to help coach families on how to improve their dog’s behavior by becoming trusted partners with the dog.

Becki’s program is customized to each individual dog and combines obedience with behavioral training in order to best address their specific needs. She is a balanced trainer, combining rewards and corrections to utilize all four quadrants of operant conditioning to help dogs learn most readily and with the least frustration. She ascribes to LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) principles, which basically means using the least force necessary to correct a dog.

She also supports the humane use of tools including electronic collars and prong collars to improve communication between families and their dogs. All of her training programs include ECollar Tech electronic collar systems, as well as thorough instruction in proper and improper use.

For more questions about training practices and techniques, contact her at becki@prefurredpetcareservices.com.

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