How does Prefurred do dog walks?

4k-wallpaper-adorable-animal-1249208This may seem like a simple question with a straightforward answer, but it is a question I am asked all the time! A quick google search for, “dog walker in Harrisburg,” produces about 7,390,000 results, (WOW!) so it is no wonder there can be some confusion!

In these results, you will find a plethora of local options, including people listed on rover or care dot com, solo walkers, and a few professional companies (like us at Prefurred). I’ve already broken down a number of the differences in these various types of services here.

How do we do dog walks at Prefurred and what are the costs?

At Prefurred, we take our responsibility to safeguard your pets and your property seriously, so preparation for dog walks starts way before we arrive at your home.

  • Employee Training
    • All of our employees go through a rigorous training program, including hands-on supervised practice in the field with different ages, breeds, energy levels, and sizes, before ever staffing jobs on their own. We use a safety first approach always and teach them things like securing various types of leashes, collars, and harnesses, clipping the leash to the secure D ring on the collar instead of the ID tag (yes, actually in our Training Manual!), monitoring a dog’s health and wellness during the walk, our emergency contact procedures, and never letting a dog off leash until back inside the house with the door closed.
  • Private Walks
    • Our walks are always single family, meaning we will only walk dogs from the same household together at the same time—not group walks. This enables us to really tailor the walk to your dog’s individual energy level, temperament, and needs.
    • Unless you request it specifically, we do not allow greetings with other dogs or humans while we are walking. Many of our walk clients can be reactive to strangers or other pets while on leash, and our priority is keeping your pup safe and happy on their walk!
    • Your pup will get our full undivided attention for the entire time we are with them. You will never see a Prefurred walker talking to their friend on their cell phone, or trying to do their makeup, or doing anything else during the walk that distracts them from focusing exclusively on your dog.
  • Structured Walks
    • If your dog has learned or is working on learning some training commands, we would love to include reinforcing those skills on their walks! We call it “Structured Walks,” and it helps wear pups out quicker to exercise their mind and body at the same time. While we are not professional dog trainers, we are happy to help get them some practice with commands to make your life a little bit easier!
  • Inclement Weather
    • We walk dogs year round, even in snow, as long as the conditions are safe. When it is too hot or too cold/icy, we adjust the game plan to suit your pup’s individual needs. Some dogs love to romp in the snow! And some cannot stand it. In inclement weather, we will trade the long walk for a potty break and playtime, training reinforcement, and/or cuddles inside.
  • Journal Updates
    • After the visit, our dog walkers take photos and write journal updates talking about everything that happened on the walk and showing your pets enjoying themselves! These are delivered to your email through our software system so you can see your furry friend enjoying the day even while you can’t be there!
  • Rates
    • Our private dog walks start at $25 each and go up, depending on several factors including your pup’s individual needs, your location/proximity to our team, and frequency of booking. Our standard walk is untimed and varies between 25-45 minutes depending on how much energy your pup has that day and weather conditions, but we also offer a designated one hour walk if you want some extra time and a very tired pup!


I hope this blog helps to clear up some of the questions about our approach to dog walking at Prefurred! As always, we are happy to answer any other questions you may have, and to help put together a package that will be perfect for your fur kids!

by Becki Davis

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