Traveling with Pets

Summer is almost here! And that means, summer VACATIONS!

I was recently invited as a guest on a live Facebook video show with my friend Crystal who runs a pet business up in New Hampshire to talk about traveling with your pets!

Here is the link in case you missed it: check it out!

Most of my traveling with pets stories are nightmare horror stories! But I had a few really bad experiences leaving them to travel, so taking them with me seemed like a good idea at the time… My cats definitely disagreed! I told a lot of funny stories on the video above.

If you’re planning a vacation this summer, you might be considering taking the pets with you, which can be a great option under the right circumstances. My pets, however, would much rather stay at home, in their comfort zone, than travel with me.

These experiences were actually a huge catalyst for me starting this business, because I saw a need for a higher standard of care after having bad experiences leaving my babies with other people. It is no fun traveling if you are worried about them! It’s also no fun traveling if you bring your unwilling pet along with you!

Prefurred Pet Care Services is designed to maintain your pet’s normal routine, in their regular environment, with as much consistency as possible. We believe this is the best option for your pets’ health and happiness while you are away. We also understand being an overprotective pet parent! Which is why we use a software system that provides accountability for our staff and updates to clients at each visit along with pictures. You can see how your pets are doing at each of our visits and enjoy your time away knowing everyone is well cared for.

If you need help planning for your summer vacation, contact us to see how we can help.

by Becki Davis, Owner/Founder

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